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Warwick Business School, UK

Essay Debrief

Describe the short and long-term career goals you have set yourself and how the WBS MBA will help you to achieve these?” Please limit your response to 350 words.

This is a very straight forward question. Let us break it down.

What are your short-term goals?
What are your long-term goals?
Why MBA?
Why Warwick?

If you answer the above 4 questions you will have a pretty-good skeleton of what you want to say in your essay. Apart from the obvious written communication skills, ad-com wants to access your FIT to its program. Here, your research about the school’s MBA program will come in handy. Why do you think Warwick is the best school for you to achieve your goals? How will pursuing an MBA at Warwick help you achieve those goals? Congruency in your goals plus what school offers is the key for a successful essay. Fitting your answer within the word limit of 350 is also challenging. But please adhere to it.

Outline the top strategic objectives for your current or previous organisation and in what ways you have helped contribute to achieving these objectives?” Please limit your response to 300 words.

A very interesting question, indeed! Warwick would like to understand how well do you understand your company. No wonder the 1 year MBA programs are geared more toward higher work ex-professionals. Warwick too requires a minimum of 3 years of prior work ex.

We all get lost in our day-to-day and often forget why we joined a company in the first place. At least, for your interview prep you must have studied everything there is to study about the company. Are you able to comprehend the big picture?

Recall that learning! Here the operative word is “STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE”. Firstly, you need to outline the strategic objective of the company you’re working for. Then, you need to explain how your work in your function/department helps the company achieve those objectives. In other words, how does your work provide value to the company’s objective?

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