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Melbourne Business School, Australia

Last updated on October 16, 2019

Melbourne Business School has 4 essay prompts for this year’s application cycle.

Essay Debrief

What are your long term career goals? (300 – 500 words)

Very straight forward question. Though it may not be the easiest one to answer. Where do you see yourself 5-10 years after graduating from MBS? What is it that you would like to be doing in the long run? You may be a little vague here as compared to your short-term goals.

What is unique about your background and experience that you would bring to your classmates at MBS? (300 – 500 words)

Let’s rephrase this question, shall we?

Why you?
How will you add value to the classroom discussions?
Why would your team members want you on your team?
What achievements and leadership skills set you apart from the rest of the crowd?
How do you add diversity to our group?

These are some of the ways the above essay question can be paraphrased. There may be slight changes to the meaning in paraphrasing. But ultimately, MBS wants to know what sets you apart. Mention your unique achievements and experiences that will add value to the diverse group at MBS. Try to recollect your inimitable qualities or experiences that make you stand out and will make you the right candidate for an MBA at MBS.

What gaps in your knowledge or skills do you hope that this program will help you to work on? (300 – 500 words)

Write this essay keeping in mind your short-term goal and why you intend to pursue an MBA. Research about the skills needed to achieve your post MBA job/goal and identify gaps in your profile. If you’re from a non-management education (STEM) background this question becomes relatively easier for you. It will also not a bad idea to mention both hard and soft skills. But also be cautious not to mention any rudimentary gaps that may lead to you not being selected. Candour while encouraged may not be appreciated.

Describe a workplace situation where you had a responsibility for managing people. Reflect on what you learned. (300 – 500 words)

MBS has clearly mentioned a “workplace situation” so please do not mention any personal or other situations. Workplace related situation where you displayed leadership may be in a team setting or on a project where you were responsible for it. The kicker here is not what you did rather what you learned in the process of your leadership. While most business schools ask you to talk about your leadership skills, MBS is asking you to introspect on what you learned from this particular situation. This learning is just as important as any, especially because, if as a leader, you’re not able to introspect and analyse yourself you won’t be able to adapt and grow.

Apart from the essays above MBS application requires:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Two References

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