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Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University

Lee Kong Chian School of Business (SMU) offers a 15-month Full-Time MBA with the possibility to complete your MBA journey in 10 months. The application deadlines for January 2022 intake are: 

Round #Deadline
Round 1March 15, 2021
Round 2July 15, 2021
Round 3October 30, 2021

Essay Debrief

Essay 1: Why do you want to earn an MBA and why are you choosing to apply to SMU? If you are selected, how will you contribute to the SMU MBA programme? (500 words)

Let’s paraphrase the above essay question and break it down into points.

Why MBA?
Why SMU?
Your unique skills?
Your contribution to SMU?

SMU starts with the preordained essay question asked by many business schools. You can simply start by explaining what motivated you to pursue an MBA and consequently direct it to the latter part of the question – why you chose SMU. You can make a list of your current skills and what’s lacking in your skillset to achieve your dream job. Then you may expand on how SMU MBA can help you fulfill your shortcomings. 

In the second part, SMU is cleverly asking you to explain what makes you distinctive from other candidates and how you will contribute to their program with your unique skill set? Highlight your X factor – something that is not included in your CV. Furthermore, you may include how you will spend time in SMU and propel the school’s culture, clubs, and communities.

Essay 2: Describe your greatest weakness and how you have tried to overcome it. (300 words)

Weakness questions are always tricky ones and one must mention a weakness that can be worked upon and that isn’t too big of a weakness. Tackle this essay from a professional point of view and you may mention 2 weaknesses. SMU wants to know your resilience and adaptability through this essay question. It is always good to explain with examples. Use the STAR approach while explaining your examples.  

Situation – What is the scenario when you realized the weakness you’re talking about 
Task – What was the task ahead of you to improve on your weakness
Action – What actions have you taken
Result – How have you improved?

Apart from the essays above SMU application requires:

  1. Two References
  2. Recent CV

If you’d like to discuss your profile and understand whether SMU is the right school for you or not then fill out this form and schedule a FREE call with us. Check out our tool MBA Matrix, where you can search and compare more than 300 MBA programs. MBA Matrix contains deadlines, essay questions, all rankings, average GMAT scores and a lot more all in one place. You can say nice things to me on What’s App or comment below!

Happy Writing!

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