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ESMT Berlin, Germany

One of the most up and coming destinations for pursuing an MBA especially among Indians is Germany. There are plenty of programs at various German universities that are free of cost but hate to break it to you that MBA programs are not free.

ESMT offers a 12-month full-time MBA program starting in January each year and below are its deadlines:

Round #Deadline
Round 1April 5, 2021
Round 2June 28, 2021
Round 3October 4, 2021
Round 4November 1, 2021
Round 5December 6, 2021

Essay Debrief

Please explain why you are applying for an MBA at ESMT? What are your career plans upon completion of your MBA? Please provide some insights on your short term (immediately after your MBA) and long term objectives. (850 words)

Let us begin as usual by breaking down or paraphrasing the essay question above:

Why MBA?
Why now?
What are your short-term goals?
What are your long-term goals?

This is a pretty straightforward and ubiquitous essay asked by most business schools. The challenge, however, in this essay will be to fill up the word limit. If you answer all the above questions you’ll have a good skeleton and will cover all the basic points.

Are you involved in any volunteer or charity activities? If so, please describe your involvement, the amount of time spent on these activities and what motivated you to get involved. (350 words)

Again a simple and direct question. Not only do you have a chance you shed light on your co-curricular activities but also display your leadership experience. Mostly business school like to know about your leadership experience. Now, understandably for younger candidates, leadership roles at work aren’t that common so here’s your chance to display your leadership in volunteer or charity activities. Do not forget to mention why you got involved with that particular activity.

Imagine you have just finished your MBA. You have two months until your next career adventure is due to start and have decided to go on a cross-country automobile trip. You can afford to invite two fellow travellers. Who would you take with you and why? (350 words)

This is a psychoanalytical essay where ESMT wants to understand your personality on a deeper level. The question itself is pretty simple and doesn’t need paraphrasing. Who will you invite for this trip and why have you chosen them? Your essay will revolve around here. You may choose your family, your fellow classmate(s), your best friend or your partner the choice is really yours and I don’t suppose you should be too critical of yourself in choosing either. You will, however, need to explain why you have chosen those people. Your reasoning will throw light on who you are as a person and what do you value in life. Remember there’s no right or wrong here.

Apart from the three essays above ESMT application requires:

  1. Two References
  2. CV

If you’d like to discuss your profile and know whether ESMT Berlin is the right school for you or not then fill out this form and we can have a FREE call. Check out our tool MBA Matrix, where you can search and compare more than 300 MBA programs. MBA Matrix contains deadlines, essay questions, all rankings, average GMAT scores and a lot more all in one place. You can say nice things to me on What’s App or comment below!

Happy Writing!

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