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Mannheim Business School, Germany

Last updated on November 27, 2020

One of the most up and coming destinations for pursuing MBA especially among Indians is Germany. There are plenty of courses at various German universities that are free of cost but hate to break it to you that MBA programs are not free.

Mannheim offers a 12-month full-time MBA program starting in September each year and below are its deadlines:

Round #Deadline
Round 1November 30, 2020
Round 2March 31, 2021

Essay Debrief

Letter of Motivation (professional and personal reasons for wanting to participate in the Mannheim MBA program; one page only ~ 500 words)

Mannheim only has one essay requirement which is in the form of a letter of motivation. Let’s break it down:

Why MBA?
Why now?
Why Mannheim?
What are your short-term goals?
What are your long-term goals?

While the goals aren’t asked directly, they are tied up in your motivation to pursue an MBA. It is imperative that you answer directly and clearly what Mannheim is asking you. And if you answer the above 5 questions you will have answered them. First and second questions are pretty straightforward and you should be tired by now to reiterate this again and again but it’s necessary. The fourth and fifth questions have to be looped together in what Mannheim is asking as ‘your motivations’. And finally, how will Mannheim help you in achieving those objectives.

Answering these questions will provide you only with a skeleton. You will have to enclose these answers in a theme congruent with your whole application. A good essay will have a good flow from para-to-para and tell a good story.

Apart from the letter of motivation above Mannheim application requires:

  1. Two References

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Happy Writing!

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