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Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada

Last updated on March 19, 2021

Ivey Business School, Western University offers a 1-year MBA program in London, ON, Canada. The following are the program deadlines, essay prompts and its debrief:

Round #Deadline
Round 1January 18, 2021
Round 2April 12, 2021
Round 3July 12, 2021
Round 4September 20, 2021
Round 5November 8, 2021
Round 6January 10, 2022

Essay Debrief

1. What are your short-term career plans immediately post-MBA, and why is an Ivey MBA essential to those plans? (250-word limit)

Let’s paraphrase the question and break it into smaller questions

1. What are your short-term goals?
2. Why Ivey?
3. Why MBA?

If you answer the above questions, you will have a very good start to your first essay. Ivey is asking you about your short-term post-MBA goal. Be specific about industry, function and geography. Ideally, you should be able to answer it in one sentence. For example, Post-graduation, I’d like to work as a retail consultant in MBB firms helping big-box retailers maximize revenue by x,y and z. The 2nd and 3rd questions can be answered in tandem. Research what makes Ivey a good fit for you – length of the program, case-based method, location, etc? Your challenge is writing a striking essay which covers all the points while being brief.

2. Tell us about a challenge you have faced in your life, and what lessons you learned from it. (250-word limit)

This year Ivey changes its essay question, however, keeps the new one too a psychoanalytical question. You have a lot of flexibility here so be very careful while writing this essay. We all have faced challenges at some point in our life. Einstein said that doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results is insanity. This quote sheds light on how to approach this essay. While facing challenges in life is natural however facing the same challenge again and again might not be. After quickly explaining the challenge focus more on the lessons you have learned from it. More important than your “challenge” are the lessons you learned from facing this particular challenge. Basically, you have the opportunity here to show Ivey a side of you that can surprise them, take them on a journey and show your creative side.

Apart from the essays above Western Ivey application requires:

  1. Two-Three References
  2. Two Video Essays

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Happy Writing!

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