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Advantages of pursuing an MBA from abroad

Last updated on October 3, 2019

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Higher education is an imperative of 21st century. What you learnt 10 years ago may go obsolete today. People in technical fields especially know this to be true. In order to continue an upward trajectory of your career, you need to upgrade yourself with new skills. A Masters in Business Administration is a very dynamic degree that offers candidates wide buffet of subjects to master in. There are numerous advantages of pursuing an MBA from abroad but below is a list to help you think in the right direction:

1.     Exposure

When you travel to a new country for an MBA, you are exposed to diversity both on and off campus. Diversity of cultures, values, lifestyles, thought process and the like. You will learn so many things that this advantage alone should be enough. We all know the story of a frog in a well. Your world will suddenly expand and you’ll appreciate how little you know about the world. Studying and living in a new country is as daunting as it seems but is just as rewarding. You will enhance your personality, skills and self-dependence.

2.     Networking

We all know the power of a strong network. This advantage is primarily why Top 10 US business schools are so popular. You will definitely not make hundreds of friends during your MBA. But you’ll make quite a few who will go on to do amazing things in life. Networking is not about knowing a lot of people rather it is about knowing people who know people. As an alum, you will get the resources of the alumni network at your disposal. No matter which country you want to work in most business schools have alumni working there.

3.     Career Progression

The primary advantage of higher education is career progression. You may want to switch your industry, or your function, or maybe your country. Pursuing an MBA helps in achieving these goals. Most MBA graduates report an increase in their post-graduation salaries with median MBA salary of $100,000 in the US. But make sure the money isn’t the sole reason you pursue an MBA. Because you may lose an opportunity to find work that you love in order to increase your pre-MBA salary. An MBA can also be advantageous if you’re looking to break that barrier of entry into higher management jobs.

4.     Entrepreneurship

Although there is no one way of achieving success when it comes to entrepreneurship but an MBA can certainly help you put a structure around it. There are programs that help you launch your venture and your whole MBA is tailored around it. Basically, by the time you graduate you are ready to launch your company or maybe you already are a few months in. Imagine the brainpower of top business schools, leading professors, successful peers to get opinion from, large alumni network to tap into. Even if you don’t have an idea you will meet people with so many ideas and who knows you may find your business partner right here.

5.     Different Education System

Having already studied in your home country, you have an opportunity to see things from a new perspective. I don’t like to say that one is better than the other but the Case-Based Teaching method (Read more) is an amazing tool to teach. Putting yourself in a real business situation and applying the theoretical models you learn in the classroom right there and then is simply amazing. You may not know all the answers after an MBA but you sure will know how to find them. Basically, you learn how to learn!

6.     Global Citizen

With most businesses going global, it is important to understand business principles in global context. How political climate affects business strategy decisions and vice-versa. In this increasing VUCA world, an MBA prepares you to be at the forefront of understanding business dynamics and navigating your company to success. You’ll learn different ways of doing business and expand your horizon. After your graduation, you will have the confidence to work and be successful anywhere on the planet.

7.     Know Yourself

Getting out of comfort zone is not easy. But when you’re doing an MBA you don’t have a choice. Presentations are a key part of everyday routine. You need to get yourself out there be it for field projects, class presentations or searching for a job. During this process, you learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn about your motivations and how to cope with your shortcomings. You may realize it a few years later that your personal growth and development will be because of your rigorous MBA program. 

8.     Migration

It is ok to have migration intent along with pursuing an MBA. This is especially popular among Indian and Chinese candidates, who target countries such as Canada and Australia for their MBA. Many countries have special provisions for candidates who have pursued a masters course in their country. If migration is on your mind, you should also be wary of all the visa norms and have a strategy chalked out even before applying to any business schools. An MBA will give you a platform to make friends, get a job and settle into a country where you earlier didn’t know anyone.

9.     Life Long Friends

You will learn with extraordinary people from all over the world during an MBA. The friendships that form will be a lifelong asset. Sometimes if you’re lucky enough you may even find your life partner in your program. You meet like-minded successful people in the classroom and it is but natural that you bump into someone.

These are obviously more generalized advantages of pursuing an MBA. Frankly, there are so many advantages which may be unique just to you and still be valid. Motivated yet?

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